Grubhub: Lieferhelden in den USA + UK

Da derzeit so viele IPOs anstehen, heute mal alle wichtigen Details zum IPO von Grubhub auf Englisch und Größtenteils 1:1 von den SEC Unterlagen übernommen. Wer Lieferheld kennt, der kennt mehr oder weniger auch das Geschäftskonzept von Grubhub:

GrubHub Inc. is the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering company dedicated to connecting hungry diners with local takeout restaurants. The company’s online and mobile ordering platforms allow diners to order directly from approximately 28,800 takeout restaurants in more than 600 U.S. cities and London. Every order is supported by the company’s 24/7 customer service teams. GrubHub Inc. has more than 600 employees, with offices in Chicago, New York and London.

  • Features approximately 28,800 online and mobile ordering restaurants in 600+ U.S. cities and London
  • In 2013, sent more than $1 billion in gross food sales to local takeout restaurants
  • In 2013, processed an average of 135,000 orders on a daily basis
  • In 2013, served approximately 3.4 million unique diners
  • More than 40 percent of GrubHub and Seamless orders are placed through mobile devices
  • More than 600 employees

Das Unternehmen hat tolle Kurzwerbevideos auf Youtube hochgeladen die wirklich sehr sehenswert sind:


Our business has grown rapidly. In 2013, we generated revenue of $137.1 million, representing a 67% increase from 2012. Our revenue growth has been driven primarily by increasing adoption of our platform by restaurants and diners, with 3.4 million Active Diners (as defined herein) as of December 31, 2013, and the inclusion of results from the GrubHub Platform. $26.3 million of the increase in revenue and 1.9 million of the increase in Active Diners were due to the inclusion of results from the GrubHub Platform following the Merger Date. In 2013, our net income was $6.7 million and our Adjusted EBITDA was $38.1 million.

Die Unternehmenszahlen sehen sehr wirklich positiv aus. Kurz: Umsatz steigt schnell, seit 3 Jahren kein Verlust sondern Gewinn erzielt.

Aktien des Unternehmens Grubhub werden voraussichtlich ab morgen 03.04.2014 an der Börse (NYSE) gehandelt. Geplant ist die Ausgabe von 7 Mio. Aktien mit einem Wert von 23 – 25 $ je Aktie.

We expect to receive net proceeds from this offering of approximately $87.3 million, based upon an assumed initial public offering price of $24.00 per share, which is the midpoint of the price range set forth on the cover page of this prospectus, after deducting estimated underwriting discounts and commissions and estimated offering expenses payable by us.

Für die Verwendung der Einnahmen des Börsengang gibt es derzeit keine konkreten Vorstellungen.


We primarily compete with the traditional offline ordering process used by the vast majority of restaurants and diners involving paper menus that restaurants distribute to diners, as well as advertising that restaurants place in local publications to attract diners. For diners, we compete with the traditional ordering process by aggregating restaurant and menu information in one place online so that it is easier and more convenient to find a desirable restaurant option and place a customized order without having to interact directly with the restaurants. For restaurants, we offer a more targeted marketing opportunity than the yellow pages, billboards or other local advertising mediums since our diners typically access our platform when they are looking to place a takeout order, and GrubHub captures the transaction right when a diner has made a decision.

Our online competition consists primarily of local service providers, point-of-sale module vendors that serve some independent restaurants who have their own standalone websites and the online interfaces of larger chain restaurants that also offer takeout. Compared to other online platforms, GrubHub offers diners choices, whereas many online platforms offer only one brand and menu, particularly the chain restaurants. We also compete for diners with these online competitors on the basis of convenience, control and customer service. For restaurants, we compete with other online platforms based on our ability to generate additional orders as well as on our reach, targeted scale and ability to help them improve their operational efficiency, with product innovations like OrderHub and Boost, and diner experience.

We believe we compete favorably based on these factors for both restaurants and diners. Although paper menus are still our biggest competition, based on available information regarding the number of diners and restaurants on our platform and the number of orders processed through our platform, we believe we are the largest online provider of takeout orders in the United States.

Abschließend noch ein Hinweis auf einen interessanten Artikel von MarketWatch zum IPO von Grubhub.

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